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Meet the StemCells21 Medical Team – Stem Cell Doctors

Our medical team delivers to our patient’s treatment programs with highest standards. Through years of highly acclaimed international positions, collaborative working relationships with industry leaders and ongoing personal goals to deliver the most cutting-edge regenerative medicines – our team deliver.

Dr. Thein Htut M.D., M.B.B.S. – Medical Director

Dr. Htut has been the Medical Director at Stem Cells 21 since joining the company in 2013. With his keen interest in Regenerative Medicine and holding similar positions in other leading Biotech companies over the past 15 years, Dr. Htut counties to implement the highest standards of cell therapies. He provides guidance, leadership and heads our medical department at IntelliHealth+ by Stem Cells 21.

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Dr. Joyce M.D.

Dr. Joyce is our attending physician for all stem cell therapy patients and is specializes in Ophthalmology. With keen interests and experience in Anti-ageing, and Nutrition/Hormone replacement, Dr. Joyce designs personalized IV & take home nutrition programs to support stem cell functions.

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Dr. Kan M.D., FACS

Dr. Kan is our plastic surgeon at the StemCells21 clinic in Bangkok. He has vast experience in reconstructive & cosmetic plastic surgery with an impressive portfolio. He performs the mini-liposuction for all our adipose stem cell therapy patients, his experience in using fat as an autologous filler also allows our patients an option for facial, breast and/or hand rejuvenation with what would normally be a waste product of liposuction.

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